Artistic spirit finds a perfect home in #SpecialAreas #reasonstoreturn

The eclectic spirit of the Village of Empress is a great fit for artists & creative types. Here’s our Q&A with Bev Farnden, Councilor with the on why Empress is so appealing to arts & culture enthusiasts.

Q: Empress, Alberta is known for its history, wildlife and landscape, however what seems to be gaining in popularity is its arts scene, can you explain a bit more about that?

Empress is home to a number of artisans; from pottery and paintings to jewelry and woodwork there is no shortage of art and talent in our community.

Sagebrush Studios is an example of the unique experience tourists can enjoy here. On the Francis’ property there are three old churches from neighboring communities that have been moved and restored into galleries. Located on over 40 acres of beautiful landscape it’s safe to say that this is something that would be hard to experience elsewhere.

Q: Do you think that there is something about the area that inspires artists and draws people with similar interests?


It’s quiet and unspoiled. You get a range of terrain from wide-open prairies to big elm trees within Empress itself. The community supports arts and culture, with an artisan open house in June, which has a large draw every year.

Wanna be part of a growing arts community in Empress?  Contact us for more info.