Kelly Crisp – KC Creations

Kelly Crisp doesn’t have to look far for inspiration. It’s staring back at her every time she looks out the window. Kelly is inspired by the beautiful scenery and changing landscapes in Alberta’s Special Area. She uses that inspiration to fuel the creativity that makes her photography business, KC Creations, so successful.

“Its my backdrop. The whole community, the landscape, the buildings, everything…that’s what I’m drawn to and I’ve made my business go that direction.”

KC Creations does family portraits, grad photos, weddings and everything in between. Her photographs take center stage in many area homes and she draws clients from outside the region as well. Kelly keeps very busy with her photography, but it’s not her only job. She’s also a wife and mother of three children. She loves the peace of mind that comes from living in her scenic setting.

“It’s nice and quiet and there’s the security of knowing that you’re away from all the busyness.” Kelly’s three children go to school in nearby Consort, a vibrant community that offers all kinds of recreation and social activities for kids and their parents. There’s a team spirit among residents that makes it a pleasure to take part.

“The kids being involved in dance and hockey and sports and that kind of thing, all the families kind of help each other out and its nice to know that they’re in a safe environment, being in a small town, and if they have to walk to dance or hockey practice you know that everyone’s looking out for everyone else.”

Kelly Crisp loves living in Special Areas and you can too. Find out more about how to live your dream life in a rural location at