Simone Hagens – Terrestrial Solutions

Simone Hagens looks around her office with a satisfied smile. She operates Terrestrial Solutions, her reclamation consulting company, from a small log cabin just steps away from her home. It’s not a large space; big enough for her desk, her files and a handful of furniture pieces…but its earthy vibe perfectly suits its’ purpose as headquarters for a company directly connected with the land.

“I do really enjoy that kind of connection with the land and it is what I do for a living and for me to be successful at my job, you have to maintain a connection with the land off your time too.”

Simone admits her off time isn’t often…but when she does get a chance to decompress, her location plays a major role. “Even in the chaos of day to day stuff that goes on around here, when you walk outside and see what you see, there’s no question that you just kind of level.” The atmosphere is great for productivity, and for security.

“I don’t have to worry about quads, trailers, grass seed. I have a lot of small equipment on site, I’m able to store it and access it very easy from here.”

Simone and her husband Ryan each operate their own successful businesses…and still find lots of time for a very important joint venture, raising their young daughter.

“We go for walks, we take the dog down to the dugout for a swim and we throw rocks, those are very mind-freeing activities.”

Simone Hagens loves living and working in Alberta’s Special Area and you can too. Find out how to make it happen at